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Danielle Pennacchietti coaches at Riqueza. 








Danielle has been coaching/training for more than 30 years.  Danielle has trained in the Eastern U.S. in 3 day eventing as well as worked at Spruce Meadows for 2 years where she helped start the young horses. Danielle has many years of showing both in the hunter ring and in the jumper ring across Canada and the U.S.

Danielle's gentle reassuring manner provides confidence to both the horse and the rider.  Danielle has had experience with many different students over the years and understands the extra time needed to help those with mental and or physical handicaps.  

Danielle has many years working with both young and older horses and takes extreme enjoyment in the connection between horse and rider.  

Being a breeder that starts her own young stock gives her the extra experience to pass on to young horses and amateur riders 

Lessons are offered as Private, Semi-private, or Group. 



Group Lesson pkg. (4/mth) $160.00


Lesson Horses are available at a nominal charge of $20/lesson. This includes horse and all tack. 


Trailer in lessons are available 

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