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At Riqueza we offer Box Stall, Paddock and Pasture boarding.


Box Stalls are 10x10, bedded in shavings.  Horses in Boxstalls are turned out daily into private paddocks and are fed good quality hay 4x daily. $650.00/mth


Paddock Boarders are private 30x100 with shelter and auto waterers. Paddock horses are fed good quality hay 3x daily. $450.00/mth

Blanket service for Boxstall and Paddock horses is included to keep your equine family member as comfortable as possible.  Fencing is pipe and cable and space is left between paddocks to minimize injuries.


Pasture Board is in 5 acre areas that are rotated.  Fencing is electric with shelter and auto waterers. Horses in pasture are fed hay in winter months, and rotated on grass in summer months. $350.00/mth

Grain is fed on request at additional $45/mth

Currently with the drought in Alberta we are charging a Hay Surcharge.

Riqueza has a full service farrier that visits on a 3 week basis, or as needed, to fill all your needs.


Regular veterinarian visits are provided by Moore Equine 


Tack lockers are provided as well as additional storage space.


Riqueza is situated on 110 acres that offers some nice riding options.  Whether you want to ride the perimeter and through the tree grove or work in the 250'x115' sand ring, the option is yours.  We offer a 220'x180' grass ring with a Table Top and a 180'x70' Heated Indoor Arena with Viewing Lounge(Lower) and open-air 2nd floor. 


Our 13 stall barn includes a Wash Rack, complete Laundry Facilities, and Locker Room. 


We offer Quality care and feeding and the owners live on-site to maintain the security and comfort of your equine.  Riqueza also has T.V. monitors to help ensure security and safety. 



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